EU flag / Lisbon, Portugal / 2020

 “ EU FLAG” permanent Public art intervention in Lisbon, portugal

This work presents a European flag made out of steel fence and barbed wire the materials evoke the physical barriers that migrantsface while trying to enter Europe and while they await with hope in refugee camps with inhuman conditions.
Despite the harsh reality it explores, the piece also tries to convey hope – the hope that the asylum seekers have. The lines create a silhouette allowing the sky in the background to come through in order to give a hopeful feeling. Its location in front of the river that runs into the ocean alludes to the sea voyage that many of them undertook and and are still undertaking in their search for a better life.
Special thanks to Underdogs Gallery for making this project happen

The work is on View at Praca Europa ( between cats do sore and Ribeira das Naus) in Lisbon. Portugal